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Vidus YouTube Downloader – How to Finally Enjoy Your Favorite Content Locally is the most popular video hosting platform and the third most popular website in the world. We all use and love YouTube for his content in terms of movies, music, tutorials, shows, news. YouTube is probably our best online friend, guide, teacher. YouTube is about anything, anyone, and it is present in our life even if we are relaxing in our cozy house, go to shopping, to work, school or in a trip. However, its functionality is limited when you need to download videos from YouTube.

But what if you have no internet connection? Thanks to current technology, we can access YouTube from virtually anywhere, anytime. I am convinced that you've wondered if there's a way to download the videos from YouTube. Probably, you already searched for online solutions. Well, here you will find out how you can do it through software that is more convenient for you. Easy, fast with impeccable results. You can save YouTube videos to your computer in an instant and add them to a playlist, where you can listen or watch them anytime and anywhere. 


And let`s be honest. The most annoying thing is not that we have to stay connected to the Internet, but the ads. Not to mention that they pop up even in the middle of the video and this immediately takes you out of your mood.
Currently, there are several interesting online solutions through which you can download your favorite Youtube videos. But often, these online services are unstable and you need to download videos one at a time. If you want to download videos to your PC at full speed, you might be interested in  Vidus Youtube Downloader. Amazing software that offers many extra features and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. 

Vidus Youtube Downloader allows you to save videos in the format of your choice and the free version is not placing any watermarks on your downloaded clips. It will even let you extract the audio from a video, or download an entire playlist. First, let`s see the differences between online tools and desktop software.

Online Software vs. Desktop Software 

There are a lot of software that we can use today. Desktop applications are those installed on a personal computer (PC) or on a laptop. Web software can be accessed only through the Internet, by accessing a web page. While both types of software are based on specific parameters, there are fundamental differences between web and desktop software. So, you can use online software to download YouTube videos, but it is slower due to some server limitations. Much online software also features ads or thumbnails of recently downloaded videos, which is irritating.

Online YouTube downloaders typically don't give you much choice about the video file either, in terms of quality or even format. Not to mention that there are very few that can handle 4K or HD. Desktop software tends to have multiple features and perform multiple tasks. Sometimes they can perform a very large set of tasks. 

Online software allows you to do one task, in our case, to download only a single video at a time. That’s why the best solution is desktop software. And you don't have to worry about storage space. You only need a few megabytes. Many of them allow you do download even if you are offline and you can download at a high speed as many videos as you want. Surely, online software is more stable. Looking for a tool that speaks your language and covers your needs? One of the best YouTube downloaders is Vidus YouTube Downloader.


How to use Vidus YouTube Downloader step by step

Vidus YouTube Downloader grows in popularity thanks to the benefits it offers both as a free and commercial tool. The aesthetic is fairly basic but this tool is very easy to use and extremely reliable.  


The benefits of this program are multiple, such as:

  • YouTube playlist download with one click
  • Download any YouTube video to MP3 in lossless quality
  • Download any YouTube video at high quality
  • Batch Download, that saves precious time
  • High- speed download

Now let`s have a closer look at the entire process of using this software. The steps are as follows:

Step1: Check or click directly on Vidus YouTube Downloader. 


The .exe file will be downloaded to your computer and the actual installation will be done in an instant.

Step2: Either insert a url or click on ”YouTube” to search for the video you want to download.

If you want to download videos from your own playlist or even another user’s playlist, then you have the option to log in to your YouTube account. YouTube's interface is similar to that of the browser version, only now it is integrated into this program.


Step3: After you have decided which video you want to download, look for the download icon. It should be on the left side of the video. Click on that icon, then a menu will pop up. 


You can download the video as it is, or you can extract only the audio file. Click on ”Music” to change the file format to MP3 (audio only), and the application will automatically convert the video to the format supported by any audio player. You can opt for super quality, high quality or standard.
In case you want the whole video, select ”Video” from the menu and choose your preferred resolution. The output format is preset in .mp4. But, keep in mind that this is valid only for the free version of Vidus YouTube Downloader.


Step4: To the left of the interface, click on ”Downloading”. Here, you can see how the files are downloaded. The software allows you to download several files simultaneously, which does not hinder the speed with which are downloaded.


That`s it. Simple as that. I hope it was helpful. In my opinion, this is a useful and intuitive program to use. The download speed of the files is amazing, there are no ads to interrupt you and the bonus part is that you can download videos from a wide range of websites. I only mention a few, but there is a list from A to Z with a lot of websites: Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, and so on.


Note that under the premium version, you can download videos up to 4320p, you can download an entire playlist in one click and you can opt for auto-downloading videos from a subscribed YouTube channel. Also, you can download from more than 1000+ sites for offline access. Indeed, Vidus YouTube Downloader makes your videos always accessible and purchasing a license is suitable for any pocket. It is inexpensive for what you get and offers a great bang for your buck should you choose to invest in the premium version. Of course, you can use only the free version with some limitations, if you don`t need these extra features. 

Vidus YouTube Downloader is one step ahead of the others and becomes so popular among many fans as it has the simplest and safest way to download videos. But, in the end, you have to try yourself. You will not be disappointed.