How to sign a PDF without Adobe Acrobat

How to electronically sign a pdf with Adobe Acrobat?

When the term E-signature is mentioned, Adobe Acrobat comes to mind. While Adobe isn’t one of the lightweight PDF viewers, it is among the most feature packed for E-signatures and is available for free. The steps on how to sign a PDF document on Adobe are listed below:

Step 1: Open the PDF in the application. Click the “Fill & Sign” or “Sign” button in the right pane.

eSign with Adobe step1

Step 2: Select “Place Signature” to add your signature to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

eSign with Adobe step 2

Step 3: Create an E-signature in one of four ways: Type, use a webcam, draw my signature or use an image.

eSign with Adobe step 3

Step 4: Select “draw my signature” and use your mouse or touchscreen to recreate your signature.

eSign with Adobe step 4

Step 5: click accept and use your mouse to position the E-signature on the document.

eSign with Adobe step 5

How to digitally sign a pdf without Adobe Acrobat?

Though Adobe offers how to electronically sign a pdf for free, it does not mean there are no other options on how to E-sign a pdf. One of the alternatives to Adobe is PDF Expert especially for MacOS users.

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Method 1: How to sign a pdf document with PDF Expert

The steps on how to sign a pdf on Mac with PDF Expert are below:

Step 1: Add a signature

  • Open a PDF and select annotate
  • Select the signature button on the annotation toolbar
  • Add signature through keyboard, mouse or through image and save

Step 2: How to use E-signature on the document

  • Open the document
  • Right click on where you want to place the signature
  • Click on “signature” from the menu and select “my signature”
  • Drag and drop the signature into the area you right clicked.

Method 2: how to esign a pdf with Small PDF

Another popular platform to E-sign pdf is Small PDF. Maybe not as popular as the previous ones but the platform boasts of cloud storage and works on all operating systems. This is great as it saves the hassles of installing software before usage. Steps on how to digitally sign a PDF on SmallPDF are below:

Step 1: choose pdf file to upload.

eSign with Smallpdf step 1

Step 2: Select “Your Signature” from the buttons in the right pane.

eSign with Smallpdf step 2

Step 3: Create an E-signature in one of three ways; draw, type or upload.

eSign with Smallpdf step 3

Step 4: Select draw and recreate your signature in the provided space and click create.

eSign with Smallpdf step 4

Step 5: Click on the signature in the right pane and right click where to place it.

Method 3: How to sign a pdf with Lumin PDF

LuminPDF is another powerful alternative that can be used for E-signature. LuminPDF has ready-made signature styles which make the signing process faster. Also, LUminPDf has a much professional editing tool. Phases on how to sign pdf on LuminPDF are:

Step 1: Click the Signature icon on Lumin toolbar

eSign with Luminpdf step 1

Step 2: Click Create Signature

eSign with Luminpdf step 2

Step 3: Draw paint the signature with a brush, as in any graphics editor

eSign with Luminpdf step 3

Step 4: Drag, resize and position the signature inside your PDF file 

eSign with Luminpdf step 4


Electronic signature is gaining popularity widely especially in the developed nations of the world. Learning how to sign a pdf electronically is more advantageous to your business’s success because it removes delay and hastens quick deal closing. Here you have the options carefully selected for you.

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